Ammo Keep Safe

Keep Ammo Safe with Revolutionary New Ammo Storage Cabinet Technology

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• Moisture-Controlled  • Will Not Explode If Exposed to Fire
• Eliminates the Need For Remote Storage

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About Ammo Keep Safe

The brave firefighters who responded to a house fire in Burbank, California the morning of December 29, 2009 probably didn’t expect to dodge bullets.

Ammunition stored in the home, which was owned by a former gun dealer, began exploding, sending one round into a Burbank fire engine and another live round onto the street. When ammunition in the attic began exploding, firefighters were forced to back off and battle the blaze from a distance.

No firefighter, who is already risking his or her life to protect people and property, should have to worry about being hurt or killed by exploding ammunition. With Ammo Keep Safe (AKS), nobody will have to.

More than 70 million firearms have been sold in the last decade, a 71% increase in handguns since 1994. One gun and ammo storage manufacturer reports sales of 500 ammo safes per day. I am a gun owner, a home owner, and someone with great respect for gun safety who has been searching for the correct solution for storing sporting ammunition at home. Every solution I have found has fallen short of meeting the necessary requirements for clean, dry, secure and fireproof ammo storage.

That’s why I created Ammo Keep Safe.

The AKS is the only ammo safe improvement that provides all four requirements for safe and secure ammo storage. It is completely sealed for security, cleanliness, moisture protection and safety in the event of a fire. Its patented “pressure release” mechanism prevents the safe from becoming a potential “bomb” in the home. Any exploding ammunition fragments remain contained in the AKS, allowing fire fighters to safely enter the home.

The AKS is an inexpensive addition to any sporting retailer’s line. Manufacturers can add the AKS to current ammo storage products (metal cans, safes, vaults) for less than 50 cents per safe, and can take advantage of current product line designs and construction processes.

The anticipated marketing plan includes national recognition by firefighter associations, endorsements by insurance agencies, and educational videos and brochures. An example of a marketing device in process is an exterior door sticker—similar to the stickers advising of pets or persons of disabilities inside—that would advise fire fighters of an AKS safe inside the home.

Our next step: finding a manufacturing partner to implement the Ammo Keep Safe solution.

Jim Folk

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